Annexure for DOLRCoin

1. Wallet Balance : Amount of Coins (DOLR’s) in your wallet.

2. Buy : You can Purchase Coins (DOLR’s) by using a debit or credit card.

3. Withdraw : You can withdraw your Coins (DOLR’s) and get fiat currency like dollars in your bank account.

4. Send : You can transfer your coins from one account to another account by using the public key of the receiver.

5. Dashboard : A dashboard is a visual representation of data and key performance indicators designed to provide quick insights at a glance.

6. History : You can check each and every transaction detail listed here.

7. Network Explorer : The network explorer of a blockchain is a tool that allows users to view and track transactions, addresses, and other activities on the blockchain in real time.

8. Hyperledger : As a blockchain is a transparent system, everyone can check each and every transaction's details listed here.

9. Web3 Wallet : A web3 wallet is a digital tool for securely storing, managing, and interacting with cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications on the blockchain.

10. Node network Log : You can check your node network activities, including when and how many blocks you mined and how much you earned in node network rewards.

11. Subscription Log : You can subscribe to node network and check your subscription details here.

12.  Available Coins : The amount of coins available in your wallet.

13.  DOLR’s USD Value : Amount in USD of your coins in your wallet.

14. Total available Coins : Total available DOLRCoins for purchase.

15.  24 Hours Price : Average Price of Last 24 Hours prices.

16.  24 Hours Volume : How many coin transactions were done in the last 24 Hours.

17.  Market Cap : Market capital of DOLRCoin which is calculated as circulating supply multiplied by Live coin value.

18.  Circulating Supply : The amount of Coins in circulation means total purchased and mined coins.

19.  Active Traders : Active traders are individuals or entities regularly engaged in buying and selling financial instruments within a short time frame to capitalize on market fluctuations.

20.  Live Coin Value :  It represents the current coin price according to the gold value.

21.  Node network rewards : Total Node network rewards distributed till now in the whole blockchain. 

22. Total Coins Purchased : Total number of coins purchased by you.

23.  Total Coins Withdrawn : Total coins withdrawn from your account.

24.  Sent Coins : Total coins sent or transferred from your account.

25.  Received Coins : Total coins received in your account.

26. Node network time :  Total node network time you spent on node network.

27. Node network rewards : Total node network reward you earned.

28. Recent Activities : You can check your recent transaction activities.

29.  Account Setting : You can add or update your bank account details.

30.  View Profile : You can add or update profile details from here.

31.  Refer and Earn : You can get your referral code and referral details here.

32.  Login Activity : You can check your all log-in activities where you logged in and log out if you are currently logged in on other devices.

33. Notification : You can get all notifications about your transactions here. 

34. Become a Minor : Here you can get node network applications to download after a successful subscription.

Thank You.